Controls actively monitor cooking conditions and only deliver airflow as required



  • Autosense Intelligent Control Canopy
  • Autosense Bespoke Systems (retro-fit)           

Most commercial kitchen hoods operate at 100% capacity all day long, even during idle, non-cooking periods. This costs the Irish food service industry millions in wasted energy every year.

The EFTECH Autosense variable speed drive control system is the only proven solution to this problem.

Using a microprocessor and sensors, the EFTECH Autosense primarily controls the extract to operate at the minimum level necessary, by monitoring conditions in the zone and appropriately varying the speed of the extract fan.

The extract fan speeds are controlled by a variable speed drive control system. The system has been installed with over 1000 drives working satisfactorily, 24 hours per day on energy saving systems throughout Ireland the UK and Europe.


Every year in Ireland millions of Euros is wasted on unnecessary energy consumption It is estimated that potentially 30% of this waste could be saved through electrical means. Within the Industrial Sector savings of approximately 25% could be achieved through motors.