EFTECH (Environmental Food Services Technologies Ltd.) is a Dublin based company which provides extraction canopy solutions and environmental products for Commercial Food Service Kitchens. We specialise in extraction canopy designs that can reduce maintenance costs and offer the client a return of investment on their expenditure. Over our range of canopies we are able to offer the following benefits:

  • Reduction in Energy and Maintenance costs                      
  • Improvement to the Environment              
  • Odour Removal                                            
  • Improved fire safety
  • Improved air quality / comfort
  • Control over Carbon Monoxide levels

Value Proposition

At EFTECH we understand the economic demands that customers face in the current marketplace. As a company it has helped to drive us in developing “value engineered” solutions for our clients. On all of our product ranges you will find options to better suit your budget requirements.

Service & Maintenance

As a full service company, we are happy to be able to offer each of our clients back up assistance on all of our products. This includes customized preventative maintenance plans or emergency call out solutions as required. We wont disappear after the installation is complete!

Irish Manufacturer

By buying Irish goods and services you are helping to keep jobs in Ireland. We are proud of the fact that we can offer products manufactured in Ireland that achieve international standards. With your support we can help keep our skilled workforce in business.

(Friendly) Customer Service

Customers make purchasing decisions based on relationships developed with suppliers. At EFTECH we are mindful of offering clients backup service on all of our products but also expert assistance in choosing the right solutions to fit your requirements.

Survey & Consultation Service

With our team of experts, EFTECH can perform site surveys to assess the individual needs and requirements for each specific customer. We will offer cost effective solutions realizing the need to be competitive in today’s market place.

Measurements & Fitting

We at EFTECH pride ourselves in developing solutions to “fit” your needs. We understand that site dimensions and restrictions vary dramatically across our trade, and we are capable of designing solutions to suit. Our team of installation engineers will ensure that the equipment is fitted to the highest of standards also.