Most frequent questions and answers
For several reasons; industrial energy saving helps with the environmental problem of CO² emissions, the financial benefits are clear, reduced energy bills with an excellent return on investment and improved kitchen comfort.
Intelli-Hood is a demand based control system, only calling for extract when demand requires, so little or no cooking taking place equals little or no extract required.
“Ever since we introduced the Intelli-Hood system, the staff have commented on the improved working environment – the lack of fan noise has improved communication and morale and the kitchen temperatures have become more stable.” Tesco Engineering Manager-Pat Jubb
Optical and temperature sensors are installed into the extract canopies, a processor and operation keypad is fitted in the kitchen and inverter drives are connected to the fan motors. Our specialist engineers pride themselves in working with minimum disruption, speed, efficiency, safety and hygiene in food preparation areas. Installations are followed up by a full inspection and where requested, training of local staff.
No time at all as EFTECH will organise and carry out all the surveys, energy analysis and installation work without any need for you to be present. Depending on the size of the kitchen the installation time varies, but averages 4-6 hours per system.
The impact will be minimal as EFTECH can install Intelli-Hood to suit the operating hours of the kitchen. On a typical basis all systems can be carried out during normal working hours.
The payback period for Intelli-Hood is exceptional. Most systems installed to date have offered the user between 1.5 and 2 years payback typically.
It offers substantial reductions in energy costs associated with extract and supply fan energy, as well as savings gained from reduced waste of conditioned air. Some clients have saved more than half of their energy costs after installing Intelli-Hood
After the OZ1000 is turned on for use it takes 2 hours before it is safe to return to the room in which it was used.
No it is not safe to be present when the APM is being used.