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DW/172 Specification for kitchen Ventilation System

The Thermal Convection Method of calculation should be the only method used. This method follows the procedures covered on CIBSE guide B2. When details of the equipment to be ventilated are known, then each cooking appliance shall be allocated a thermal convection coefficient, which is the recommended volume of air to be extracted in m³/s per m2 of surface area of the appliance.



The prime function of a kitchen canopy is to protect the area surrounding the cooking process from soiled matter and flame to make tolerable and safe the immediate area for people to work in. An air flow shall be created across the cooking process to capture the fumes created, and the by-products of this vapour shall be collected and contained by means of the filters within the canopy, allowing the cleaner air to be discharged.

Quick Reference

  1. Internal noise level should be from NR40 – NR50.
  2. Average lighting levels of 500 lux at the work surface.
  3. Dedicated make up air systems to be 85% maximum, of the extract flow rate.
  4. Minimum air change rate of 40 per hour – not to be used as a basis of design of the canopy or ventilated ceiling.