Mac 500 Portable Air Purifier

Mac 500

air purifier PROVEN EFFECTIVE ON all CORONA Virus

Proven to remove 90% of airborne of corona virus within one hour and 99% within two hours in recent tests the MAC500 air purifier will minimise the risk of spread of COVID19 in your home or workplace substantially.

Manufactured by JIMCO global leaders in UV-C technology for almost 30 years the MAC500 air purifier will cover an area up to 60m3 providing air and surface disinfection. 

Improved indoor climate, improved work environment!

A poor indoor climate in rooms which we occupy affects our quality of life the MAC500 air purifier reduces indoor air pollution and eliminates odour and the source of respiratory problems, COPD and asthma.

Now used widely in restaurants, beauty salons, hotels, offices, gyms, nursing homes and dentists the MAC500 can work almost anywhere. 

McDonalds Global have even added it to their recommended list to all of their franchise partners. 

Order your MAC500 air purifier now to avoid disappointment! 

The technology behind MAC500 reduces absence due to illness!
A scientific study in Canada has proved the effect of UV-C technology in connection with indoor climate.

The study was based on a company ‘s 771 employees and the result of this study was published in” THE LANCET” Vol. 362 of 29.11.2003.

The results clearly showed a reduction of absence due to illness up to 40 % – and a daily increased productivity of up to 10%.

MAC500 is applicable everywhere

• MAC500 is able to improve the indoor climate everywhere where people are present.
• MAC500 reduces the number of bacteria, viruses and mould fungi and is therefore also suitable in bacteria loaded environments.

Odours can be difficult to remove

 Even though a room is well ventilated, odour problems can be difficult to remove.
• With MAC500 you can permanently solve any kind of odour problem and without the use of chemicals.
• The odour will not return unless the source of the odour is still present.

Easy to install!

MAC500 must be installed high in the room – on a bookshelf, wall or ceiling.

Produced in:
4 different colours: White –Stainless steel –Black–Grey 


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