EFTECH Carbon Filtering Technology

EFTECH Colour-Active® Carbon Systems remove unwanted odours using advanced colour changing carbon cell.

EFTECH Colour-Active® Carbon Systems


  • Inline Carbon Filtration
  • Colour Active® carbon units
  • Replacement Carbon Media/Cells

How does it work?

The activated carbon is treated with oxygen, opening up millions of small pores in the carbon. This allows a huge surface area to attract and neutralize the offending odours, gases, and some chemicals or fumes. A chemical reaction occurs which adsorbs the malodorous gases that need removal.

An Activated Carbon Air Filter is ideal for adsorbing gases and odours. They are used in conjunction with EFTECH UVC systems to remove 100% of odours from the cooking


  1. Has a capacity for virtually any vapour contaminant; it will adsorb “some of almost any vapour”.
  2. Has a large capacity for organic molecules, especially solvents.
  3. Will adsorb and retain a wide variety of chemicals at the same time.
  4. Works well under a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions.
  5. Adsorbs odours and chemicals preferentially to moisture. It is not a desiccant and will release moisture to adsorb chemicals.
  6. Can be used as a carrier of one material to attract and hold or react with another material.
  7. Is inert and safe to handle and use.