UV-с & Ozone EFTECH Air Cleaning Units

Advanced patented UV-C & Ozone technology.

UV-с & Ozone EFTECH Air Cleaning Units

EFTECH has specialised in the reduction of grease and odour problems through the development of advanced patented UV-C & Ozone technology.

EFTECH Cleanstream®UV Technology removes unwanted odours and grease from the extracted airstream – net result? Grease free ductwork and planning authority approval!


  1. Cleanstream® Canopies
  2. Cleanstream® Bespoke Systems (retro-fit)

The Benefits

  • Alternative method to duct cleaning
  • Tested and reliable equipment
  • Effective reduction of odours and VOC’s
  • No use of chemicals or fragrant oils
  • No use of filters or absorbents
  • No use of micro biology
  • No liquid effluent or harmful residues
  • Compact installation that efficiently utilises space
  • Simple to retrofit into existing canopies
  • Instant startup and shutdown
  • Low maintenance and operational costs

UV-с & Ozone EFTECH Air Cleaning Units

UV-C light reacts with the common oxygen molecule O2 in the air that we breath converting it into ozone O3.

Ozone O3 readily sheds an oxygen  atom to become O2 once again but in the process oxidising the unwanted substances.