Demand Control Kitchen Ventilation

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Demand Control Kitchen Ventilation

Are your kitchen exhaust and supply fans running at 100 percent speed when there’s no cooking going on? They probably are if you don’t have a demand control kitchen ventilation (DCKV) system. Consequently, you’re wasting energy and conditioned air – at a time when revenue is at its lowest.

In partnership with Eftech, Melink’s patented Intelli­-Hood HVAC controls package visually monitors the level of cooking activity and automatically instructs the exhaust fan to operate only as fast as necessary, meaning your fans will run slower when no cooking is going on, saving on energy bills.

Intellihood demand control kitchen ventilation - SEAI Approved and Retrofittable

Intelli­-Hood can be installed into new or existing commercial hood systems and transforms a Kitchen Extract Canopy into an intelligent energy­-saving machine.

As an SEAI Triple E Approved product it is suitable for the Accelerated Capital Allowance (ACA) tax incentive scheme.

In addition when you retrofit intellihood to your existing kitchen canopy you are also entitled to claim energy credits for the first 12 months which may be worth hundreds or even thousands of euros depending on the level of savings.


– Optic + temperature sensors
– Self-learning algorithims
– Compliance with ASHRAE 90.1 2013


– Automation of kitchen HVAC
– Self-calibrating sensors
– Reduced hood noise


– NFPA 96 Compliance
– Proactive Temperature Alarm
– Gas Valve Integration


– Facility Audit
– Estimated energy savings report
– Turnkey retrofits and new construction


– Remote monitoring
– System alerts and performance reports
– Integration with building control systems


– 24/7 Melink staff support
– Global technician network
– Preventative maintenance and monitoring