Service and Maintenance

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Eftech Service and Maintenance

Maintaining your Canopy ensures that your system is running safely and efficiently. Making sure your UV-C systems, ESP units and Carbon filters are regularly serviced and maintained ensures your system is environmentally friendly by keeping your ducts clean and eliminating the need for any harsh chemical cleaners. 

Eftech offers comprehensive plan contracts for ongoing maintenance to make sure you are provided with the best service available. We offer maintenance proposals which can be altered to suit your system and budget. All of our Maintenance plans offer benefits such as cheaper call out rates and access to weekend callouts if needed. 

Contact us today to find out more about our service and maintenance offers. 

If you require spare parts you can call or email us or you can visit our shop to browse our range of replacement and spare parts. 

Below is our training video for New Staff on how to clean and perform basic daily and weekly maintenance on your Eftech Extract Canopy.