Kitchen Extraction Odour and Grease Control

UV-C Odour and Grease Control

Eftech, in conjunction with Jimco have been providing Kitchen Pollution Control solutions for over 20 years. Our UV-C technology removes 95% of odour and grease in kitchen extraction systems and ductwork.

Jimco’s UV-C system is the only system to be tested and approved by European Technical Verification (ETV) which means proof of performance is independently and credibly assured.


How it Works:

UV-C light reacts with the common oxygen molecule O2 in the air that we breath converting it into ozone (O³). O³ readily sheds an oxygen atom to become Oxygen (O²) once again, in the process oxidising any unwanted substances such as grease and odour particles.


  • Destroys 95% of grease and odour in duct work
  • Low maintenance and operating cost
  • No expensive duct cleaning
  • No need for complex duct access for cleaning
  • Eliminates need for chemical cleaners
  • Decreased fire risk
  • Low operation and maintenance costs
  • Meet planning requirements for odour and grease control