Ventilated Ceilings

Designed to meet your specific requirements

Modular Ventilated Ceilings:
Brilliant solutions for commercial kitchens

GIF ventilated ceilings are ISO 9001:2015 certified and implement the stringent foodlaw requirements according to the HACCP* concept. The area-active GIF ventilation system satisfies the current VDI guidelines, DIN and EN standards.

GIF develop system solutions for the capture of exhaust air and the provision of supply air for all areas of commercial catering – whether economic systems in large kitchens, jet-stream extraction and design solutions in front-cooking, noise reduction in sculleries or cost-effective solutions in food preparation areas.

Our supportive service starts right from the design stage, including the provision of air volume calculations, cost comparisons and the design of CAD ceiling plans.

Benefits of the GIF Active Ventilated Ceiling Solution

  • Solutions based on over 40 years of experience for all areas in large-scale catering
  • All installations and services carried out to high quality standards
  • Draft and execution planning
  • Reliable on-site work realisation including installation and assembly
  • In built lighting options available
  • After sales service and maintenance plans available