Carefully engineered to exacting standard and custom designed to protect your specific requirement.

Eftech Ltd provides extract canopies and associated kitchen ventilation products and solutions to commercial kitchens and the foodservice industry.

We specialise in well-engineered canopy designs for every eventuality, including systems that reduce maintenance and energy costs and can offer return of investment on expenditure. We can offer both standard and bespoke designs to accommodate our customers site specific requirements without the unnecessary additional costs, Here are some of the benefits we offer.

  • Reduction of energy costs – ICC canopy & intellihood systems.
  • Odour & grease removal – UV-C systems.
  • Improved safety –Through grease removal in ductwork.
  • Improved air quality and comfort – canopy design.
  • Environmental considerations – cleaner air omissions & reduced energy use.
  • Cost effective bespoke designs and problem solving – hands on site management