Proven to remove 99.9% of airborne corona virus in a recognized international laboratory, the MAC500 air purifier will minimise the risk and spread of COVID19 in your home or workplace substantially.

Manufactured by JIMCO, global leaders in UV-C technology for almost 30 years, the MAC500 only requires a plug socket to work and covers an area up to 60m3 providing continuous air purification.
The MAC500 reduces indoor pollutants, virus’, mould, bacteria, fungus and unpleasant odours ensuring a cleaner, safer indoor environment at home or at work.


  • Proven to Significantly reduce airborne corona virus in 60 minutes.
  • Simple compact plug-in device covering a 60m3 area.
  • Suitable for use 24/7 while people are present.
  • Reduces indoor air pollution and eliminates the source of headaches, respiratory problems, fatigue, COPD and asthma.
  • Removes unpleasant odours such as tobacco, pet and foods.
  • CE certified and manufactured in Denmark for over 2O years .
  • Removes bacteria, fungus, mould spores and Virus’.
  • Avoid food waste and extend shelf life of fresh foods.



UV-C lamps: 1 x 8 watt

Operating time (lamp): 8,000 hours

Tension: 230V

Power consumption: 25W

Rec. room size: 60 m³ / approx. 20-35 m² with 1x device.

Length Width Height: 30 x 9 x 9 cm

Noise level: Very quiet

Speed control: Yes

Available colors: Black, white, gray, chrome,

Press release – 06.10.2020

The MAC500 – environmentally friendly air purifier reduces viruses in the air quickly and significantly

The MAC500 air purifier developed and manufactured in Denmark reduces viruses in the air. With the air purifier the reduction of viruses is both fast and significant, states a new study.

A study from a technological institute Denmark states that the Danish-developed air purifier MAC500 effectively reduces viruses from the air. In rooms where the air purifier is in use, the virus is reduced by 89 percent already during the first hour, and this is very exciting news according to the manufacturer, JIMCO A/S. The ambition is that the air purifier might be one of many measures against the spread of coronavirus.

-We have tested the air purifier on a virus that is 7-10 times more resistant to UV light than coronavirus. The results of this study are very uplifting right now, because we are all trying our best to avoid infections, says Michael Kløcker, business unit manager at JIMCO A/S.

JIMCO A/S specializes in developing and producing environmentally friendly systems for purification and sterilization of air and wastewater for industries and institutions worldwide.

The MAC500 air purifier works partly by burning harmful particles such as viruses with the help of UV-C rays, and partly by letting out a small amount of ozone, which can destroy bacteria and viruses. The amount of ozone is equal to the amount occurring in nature, and the method can be compared to the process taking place in a swimming pool when chlorine is added to reduce bacteria in the water.

-You can use the air purifier everywhere, and our greatest customer segments are businesses and industries where it is difficult to keep distance or where you want extra security. It is very common to use air purifiers in offices, in gyms, at dentists and in private homes where you feel extra exposed. The aim is to strengthen the indoor climate as well as limiting the spread of viruses through the air, Michael Kløcker explains.

The study documents that the air purifier MAC500 reduces viruses in the air by 89 percent in one hour. After two hours, the virus is reduced by 99 percent, and after three hours, the reduction is 99.9 percent.

-We are very happy that we are able to offer a product that can help both companies and individuals in the fight against the spread of coronavirus. We have not invented a miracle cure for coronavirus that can stand alone, but we may have one of the weapons needed to reduce the infection, explains Michael Kløcker, JIMCO A/S.

Fact sheet

About the study:

The test was performed on a bacterium infected with the MS2 virus. Coronavirus is 7-10 times more susceptible to UV light than MS2 bacteriophages. This means that the virus on which the test was performed on is more difficult or as difficult to degrade as SARS-CoV2 (the virus that causes COVID-19).

The MS2 bacteriophage has been added to a room where the concentration in the air has been measured at different times. Two tests have been performed – one test with the MAC500 air purifier on and one with the air purifier off.

The result is that after one hour, 89 percent of the virus is degraded in the room where the air purifier is operating. The natural decay has been taken into account and has been deducted.

After two hours, 99 percent of the virus has degraded in the room with the air purifier.

After three hours, 99.9 percent of the virus has degraded in the room with the air purifier.

JIMCO A/S has looked into the possibilities of testing directly on SARS-CoV2, which requires extremely high safety requirements. A test done directly on aerosol SARS-CoV2 can only be performed in a box less than 1 m3. It would not have be a true and fair test, which is why it has been declined.

About MAC500:

The MAC500 air purifier has been on the market for several years and is already operating in many homes and workplaces around the world.

For further information, please contact business unit manager at JIMCO A/S, Michael Kløcker, +45 2149 3348.

The report can be requested by contacting Michael Kløcker or downloaded here: