ESP Grease destruction

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Commercial Kitchen Grease and Smoke control

Eftech’s Electrostatic precipitators (ESP) filter smoke and grease particles commonly produced in commercial kitchens. ESP units help to reduce and eliminate nuisance of odour, smoke and grease from the extract duct. They also aid in reducing fire risk in extract ducting and cleaning costs.

SF product types

Combine units for the perfect custom made system!

  • SFP – Pre filter; captures larger grease and water particles
  • SFM – Media filter; extra pre-filter for (even) smaller grease and water particles
  • SFE – Electrostatic filter; removes smallest particles
  • SFC – Activated carbon filter; removes odours and gases
  • SFF – Ventilator; Provides the airflow and sucks the polluted air

Benefits and Features:

  • Mechanical pre-filter filters out the coarse particles
  • Ionisation chamber removes even the smallest particles
  • Mechanical filter ensures a balanced air outlet
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Reduced fire hazards
  • Odour control system available
  • Modular assemblies to suit all systems
  • Meet planning requirements