JIMCO FLO-K Air-Cleaning/Odour Control Units


JIMCO FLO-K Air-Cleaning/Odour Control Units

– for the reduction of odour from industrial exhausts

Over the last two decades, JIMCO A/S has developed and manufactured air-cleaning systems specifically for the industry. JIMCO’s systems are based on UV-C & Ozone Technology. This method is based on photolytic oxidation whereby a cold incineration of organic matter occurs. The process leaves no harmful residues. FLO-K systems are manufactured and supplied for various tasks.​

JIMCO Air-Cleaning/Odour Control FLO K System is used for a large varietyof applications

– where the air temperature is less than 45OC. The FLO-K system does not require a secondary air to cool the primary air to be treated. The process is called photolytic oxidation, which means the contaminated air is subjected to a combination of UV-C light and ozone.​

The contaminants in the air are oxidized or cold incinerated. Odours and organic particles contained in the air are reduced to an absolute minimum. The typical reduction in OU/m3 is about 90 – 98%.​

The reaction chamber of  JIMCO’s FLO-K system is made of acid proof stainless steel (316) and contains a number of JIMCO’s Photozonelamps™. These are dimensioned for the volume of air you wish to clean.​

JIMCO’s FLO-K systems can be used in conjunction with automatic CIP cleaning systems. The CIP system is controlled from the PLC-controller to program the cleaning sequence to your requirements. JIMCO and CIP suppliers have jointly selected the best environmentally friendly detergents for the cleaning process.​

JIMCO’s industrial systems are normally equipped with PLC-controllers incorporating modem links and alarm signals.​

A newly developed product has made it possible to clean the air exhausting from smoking ovens very successfully. Experience and analyses have shown that a cleaning effect of approx. 95% can be achieved.​

JIMCO’s FLO-K system can be combined with a water scrubber for applications with large ammonia content. Ammonia is easily washed out of the contaminated air. The air is washed before entering the UV-C reaction chamber.​

There are numerous applications for the JIMCO’s FLO-K system, e.g. in:

  • Public sewage/wastewater plants
  • Pumping stations
  • Food processing plants
  • Grain and feedstuff factories
  • Stables and zoological gardens
  • Pharmaceutical and chemical production units
  • Biogas plants
  • Destruction plants