Our EU award winning FLO D UVC ozone technology is an environmentally friendly
solution that will provide air and surface disinfection of your food premises up to
1500m 3 at the touch of a button saving you save you money on manual cleaning,
chemicals, heating and water.

The patented FLO D technology can also be used in fresh fruit storage areas to
prolong the shelf life by up to 2 weeks by reducing yeast mould and ethylene in the
storage area up.

It also allows for the possibility of mixing fruits therefore reducing refrigerated
storage space and energy costs.

Since 1993 the manufacturer JIMCO has been providing disinfection solutions in food
facilities, water and industrial applications across the globe.

Some international clients include McCain, DALOON, Bird’s eye and 2 sisters food
Group and Danfrugt.

In recent testing in an internationally accredited German laboratory our FLO D
technology was also proven to inactivate all corona virus and is a powerful tool in the
fight against COVID-19.

Why choose automatic disinfection of surfaces?

  • Avoid time-consuming manual disinfection with water and chemicals
  • Save thousands of litres of water as well as on energy for heating and drying
  • It will disinfect more efficiently in corners, chinks and ventilation ducts, cooling surfaces.
  • Avoid strong chemicals, which have a negative impact on the environment and your employees health
  • Avoid an environmentally harmful release of chlorinated wastewater
  • Fast payback on your investment – often as little as 12 months