Bujo Junction 6

Bujo Castleknock Junction 6

Click and Collect Burger Joint

Site – High Output Burger Joint operating click and collect

Project requirements – Kitchen Extract Canopy. Full ventilation design


Kitchen Extraction Canopy – (Click to find out more)

Extract/Supply Ventillation Design – Ducting (Click to find out more)

Extract Fan – (Click to find out more)

Air Handling Units – (Click to find out more)


Eftech collaborated with Bujo on our second joint project. Bujo Junction 6 located in Castleknock is and is a high output flame grilling burger joint. Eftech provided a kitchen extract canopy and full ventilation design and installation to deal with the heavy smoke output from the high volume of burgers being produced. Given that the location is built entirely using containers with a high volume of air changes we designed the make up air to provide a comfortable environment for the staff working inside in both winter and summer. We also provided air curtain and entrainment to provide additional plume containment in the canopy.