HubSpot: Demand Control Kitchen Ventilation, Odour control & Bespoke Canopy Design


Dublin Offices awarded Best Workplace

Site – HubSpot offices Dublin Docklands

Project requirements – Aesthetic canopy design for live cooking
station. Odour and grease control. Demand Control Kitchen
Ventilation/Energy management


UV-C – Grease and odour destruction (Click to find out more)
Intelli-Hood – Demand Control Kitchen Ventilation (DCKV) and energy (Click to find out more)


Eftech were contracted to provide a bespoke aesthetically appealing
kitchen extraction solution for the front of house live cook station and a
extraction solution for the back of house production kitchen provided for
HubSpot staff. Demand control kitchen ventilation was implemented to
control fan speed via our Intelli-Hood control system which led to
drastically reduced energy usage and cost savings. Odour and grease
destruction was achieved by implementing our CleanStream UV-C
lamps which oxidise grease and odour particles. The combination of
these systems provided HubSpot with not only the one of the most
technically advanced Kitchen Extraction systems available on the
market, but also a canopy that was aesthetically appealing and fit with
the modern décor of the rest of the facility.