Bujo Burger Joint: Odour, Smoke, Grease & noise control


Fast Food Burger Joint

Site – High Output Burger Joint Situated in Sensitive Residential Zone (Sandymount, D4)

Brief/Requirement – Odour, smoke and grease control. Noise Reduction.


UV-C – Grease and odour destruction  (Click to find out more)

ESP – Smoke and Grease  (Click to find out more)

Carbon – Odour and Scrubber  (Click to find out more)

Attenuator – Noise Reduction (40dB)  (Click to find out more)


Sandymount is a busy residential area and Bujo is located near many sensitive sites such as Christ Church Sandymount and Sandymount green. Any malodours from this establishment may cause complaints from the locals. Eftech provided a solution that not only eliminates all odours, grease and smoke, but also provides noise attenuation.