Hard Rock Hotel: Demand control kitchen ventilation & Odour control

Site – Bespoke Hotel located in Dublin’s busiest tourist district Temple Bar.

Brief/Requirement – Odour and grease control. Demand Control Kitchen Ventilation/Energy Management.


UV-C – Grease and odour destruction  (Click to find out more)

Intelli-Hood – Demand Control Kitchen Ventilation (Click to find out more)


Eftech implemented demand control kitchen ventillation using the Intelli Hood system in all of the Hardrock Hotels kitchen extraction systems to manage and reduce their energy usage significantly. Temple Bar is Dublin city centres busiest tourist area featuring bars, restaurants and other popular amenities and the Hard Rock Hotel is in the heart of it. Due to the long operating hours of the kitchens it was important to ensure energy usage was managed and reduced as much as possible.

Another aspect of the design was Odour and Grease control which was managed using Eftech’s UV-C CleanStream technology. The UV Light produces ozone to oxidise odour and grease particles in the duct work.