Convention Centre Dublin: Odour and Grease Control

Convention Centre Dublin

Award winning Meetings & Conference Centre

Site – Dublin City Centre, Spencer Dock

Project requirements – Odour and Grease Control.


Wall Mounted Kitchen Extraction Canopy – (Click to find out more)

UV-C – Grease and odour destruction (Click to find out more)


Eftech’s Kitchen Extraction Canopies and CleanStream technology were implimented in The Convention Center Dublin to provide odour control and grease control . CleanStream uses UV-C technology which oxidises and destroys grease and odour particles in the extraction system ensuring any ordour is kept to a minimum to meet planning requirements and eliminating the need for costly duct cleaning to be carried out. The Convention Centre Dublin (CCD) has won the award for ‘World’s Leading Meetings & Conference Centre’ at the 24th annual World Travel Awards. Since The CCD opened in September 2010, they have hosted over 1,900 events and won over 50 awards with Eftech’s Kitchen Extraction system and CleanStream technology in place.