Guinness 1837 Bar & Brasserie: Odour Control & Bespoke Canopy Design

The Guinness Storehouse

1837 Bar & Brassier

Site – Dublin City Centre, St. James’s Gate Brewery

Project requirements – Rustic Bespoke canopy design to tie in with bar aesthetics. Odour and grease control


UV-C – Grease and odour destruction (Click to find out more)
Bespoke Canopy Grease and odour destruction (Click to find out more)


Guinness’ 1837 restaurant, named after the year that oysters and Guinness were first recorded as a perfect culinary match, is a bespoke dining experience for Dublin locals and tourists. Eftech were contracted to design a beautiful rustic front of kitchen extraction canopy to match the rustic aesthetic of the bar and brasserie. Odour and grease destruction was achieved by implementing our CleanStream UV-C technology which oxidises and destroys grease and odour particles in the ducting.