FLO-D Mini proven to be 99.99% effective on corona virus


JIMCO A/S manufacturer of UV-C ozone technology recently initiated tests with an internationally accredited German laboratory to validate its disinfection equipment against Corona viruses.

Independent test results performed by the Dr Brill + Dr Steinmann Institute for Hygiene and Microbiology in Bremen Germany have shown the effectiveness of JIMCO UV-C ozone technology against the approved COVID 19 surrogate.

The modified and more robust vaccinia virus Ankara (MVA) is proven to survive for more than 9 days on surfaces and was chosen as test virus because in Europe, MVA represents the official model virus for all enveloped viruses, including members of the virus family coronaviridae (like MERS-CoV, SARS-CoV-1 and SARS-CoV-2) with a log 4 result of 99.99% effective.

JIMCO through its partner in Ireland for over 17 years, Environmental food service technologies (EFTECH LTD) have provided commercial kitchen operations with kitchen pollution control (KPC) UV-C systems to eliminate grease and odour (meaning no nasty smells in the neighborhood) from their extract air streams and prevent any. grease build up in ducting with a 95% reduction in fire risk.

Eftech supply the JIMCO range of portable UV-C ozone solutions that are suitable for homes, retail, surgeries, office, hotel, restaurants, hospital/medical facilities, or fixed solutions to cover areas up to a 1500m3 for meat, poultry and hatcheries or any food production facility that requires disinfection.

Its environmental award winning chemical free clean technology is in use across many industries in over 30 countries across the globe including McDonalds restaurants.

It produces ozone through UV-C light rather than an electrical charge used in some other ozone producing systems ensuring there are no NOX gases produced and environmentally friendly.

JIMCO A/S is the first company providing surface disinfection by use of FLO-D technology, it is documented that it works, and all valued data is data-logged for your later use. Our technology disinfects all places both airborne and surfaces, it means not only your equipment, but also all technical installations as cooling coils and ventilation pipes inside.

It is also proven 100% effective on Listeria and salmonella.

All this happens without any use of Manpower, water or chemicals.

The purpose of the FLO-D machine, using UV-C produced ozone, is to create an amount of ozone large enough to disinfect a desired material or space.

The ozone is used as an oxidant, which in the correct amount can break down bacteria, microorganisms, yeast and mould, thereby creating disinfection. When using our equipment, no forms of chemicals should be used unless you consider soap as being.

Functionality of the FLO-D technology includes:

  • 8 languages on the screen
  • A speaker gives alarm 3 times before the start of treatment – Also in 8 languages
  • Possibility for automatically weekly treatment of the equipment
  • Possibility to name the USB individual direct on the equipment
  • Control both manual or with smartphone or tablet
  • Visual warning on HMI on tablet/smartphone
  • Possibility for VPN connection to the costumer’s network.

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