Odour Control

Innovation and drive

JIMCO A/S is the company behind some of the world’s most unique air and waste-water purification and sterilization solutions.

​Since designing its very first air-cleaning unit in 1993, JIMCO A/S has not looked back. Today, the company supplies its products to a large number of industries and institutions worldwide. Its customer base comprising factories within the food industry, commercial kitchens, waste-water treatment plants, schools and nursing homes. In brief, JIMCO A/S undertakes all types of projects – large and small.

​JIMCO A/S combines common sense with innovative thinking as the basis of the company’s unique products. It is no coincidence that JIMCO A/S supplies air-treatment and odour control units to some of the biggest chains in the world – including McDonald’s, Scandic Hotels, Daloon, Danish Crown,McCain, Two sisters, Birds Eye etc

Air treatment & Odour control

The original air-treatment system produced by JIMCO A/S combines two important properties for any large-scale kitchen or manufacturing business. As it eliminates any odor in the air, simultaneously, breaks down the grease and oil deposited in the ducts.

JIMCO A/S offers an easy and effective way of treating air both inside and outside of the buildings. As a result, the reduction in air pollution decreases the risk of fire by up to 95%.

JIMCO A/S is continuously developing new products to meet the ever-changing requirements of the times. For example, increased focus on the importance of a good indoor climate has inspired JIMCO A/S to develop a special air-sterilization system which can be used anywhere – in kindergartens and schools, in museums, hospitals, and nursing homes. In brief, in any place where clean air and the breakdown of bacteria are of material importance.

Functional products

JIMCO A/S is known as an innovative and ground-breaking developer of unique and functional products. Its world-famous air-treatment and odour control units are based on a very special technology – photolytic oxidation. The term covers the concept of cold burning in which the harmful microorganisms in the air are destroyed, while at the same time breaking the odor-binding protein chains. The same technology is behind the waste-water treatment systems which are used by, among others, a number of municipal purification plants.

​All JIMCO A/S plants are characterized by their high levels of user-friendliness and simple design – while also being environmentally friendly on account of the very low power consumption.​