Grange Gorman Culinary School: Training Facility with Odour & Grease Control

Grange Gorman Culinary School

Training Centre with Odour and Grease Control

Site – Dublin City Centre, Grange Gorman

Project requirements – Training Facility. Odour and Grease Control.


Kitchen Extraction Canopy – (Click to find out more)

UV-C – Grease and odour destruction (Click to find out more)


Eftech were chosen to supply over 60 kitchen extraction canopies combined with UV-C kitchen pollution control for the Grange Gorman Cullinary school. This school will provide Ireland and abroad with top chefs and Eftech are proud to provide them with the very best technologies and equipment for their state of the art training facility. Eftech’s Kitchen Extraction Canopies in combination with our UV-C CleanStream technology was implemented to provide odour control and grease control. CleanStream uses UV-C technology which oxidises and destroys grease and odour particles in the extraction system ensuring any odour is kept to a minimum to meet planning requirements and eliminating the need for costly duct cleaning to be carried out.