Winners of the Radio NOVA MAC500 giveaway

Radio NOVA MAC500 winners

Lee Marriott

Lee Marriot was the first winner of the Radio Nova MAC500 giveaway. Below is Lee’s testimonial after winning the MAC500:

“Thank you for running your competition with Radio Nova! We are really happy with the mac500. There’s poor ventilation in our flat which has led to an abundance of mold. But within a couple hours of running the mac500 we could feel the air was much clearer, it smelled fresher and and with its quiet operation it can be run all night without issue. Knowing how it works too, is reassuring that it will help with my wife’s allergies too. We really can breathe easy with the mac500!”

– Lee Marriott

Roslyn Farrelly

Roslyln Farrelly was the winner in the seconds weeks MAC500 giveaway.

Roslyln told NOVA that her Mother has been living with her throughout the pandemic and suffers with Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which causes obstructed airflow from the lungs. Roslyln was delighted to hear that she had won a MAC500. The MAC500 will not only protect them from Corona Virus but also remove other airborne virus’, allergens and other harmful particulates.

We are delighted that the winners are happy with the MAC500 which will improve their indoor air quality and minimise the spread of airborne Covid-19 for them and their families during these difficult times.

If you want to find out more about the MAC500 and purchase one for your office or home click here.